Granular Organic fertilizer from eucalyptus bark

Compost from the bark of eucalyptus, the best natural compost.

It has been sold for over 20 years. It has properties to help nourish the soil to be loose,

restoring shabby plants, acidifying the soil.

It can be used for both rice fields and vegetables and fruit.


  1. Organic matter 35% add more organic matter and microorganisms in the soil than general compost and stay in the soil for a long time.
  2. Hemic Acid 20%, so it can absorb chemical fertilizers not to be washed well and release plant nutrients when plants need them.
  3. Calcium 10% strengthens plant cells and makes them resistant to disease and reduces fruit breakage.
  4. The pH value (PH) 7-8 helps to adjust the acidity of the soil well.
  5. Help adjust the structure of the soil, make drainage air and maintain good humidity.
  6. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers; yield 20-30% higher than before.